Top 10 natural sights in Soča Valley

If you are going to the Soča Valley and you do not yet know which natural landmarks to visit, you are on the right page. We offer you 10 top natural sights of the Soča Valley, which you must visit.

What are the top 10 natural sights in the Soča Valley?

The Soča Valley is a region of incredible natural beauty in Slovenia, known for its stunning scenery, crystal-clear rivers, and rugged mountains. Here are ten of the top natural sights to explore in the Soča Valley:

  • Soča River: The Soča River is the star attraction of the valley and is famous for its brilliant blue-green color, crystal-clear water, and excellent fishing and water sports opportunities.
  • Triglav National Park: The Soča Valley is part of the Triglav National Park, which is the only national park in Slovenia. The park is home to the Julian Alps and a wide range of flora and fauna, including bears, wolves, and chamois.
  • Tolmin Gorges: The Tolmin Gorges is a natural wonder located near the town of Tolmin. The gorges are a series of narrow passages, pools, and waterfalls that offer an unforgettable hiking experience.
  • Boka Waterfall: The Boka Waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Slovenia. The waterfall drops 106 meters down a steep rock face and is surrounded by lush vegetation.
  • Mangart Saddle: The Mangart Saddle is a mountain pass located in the Julian Alps. It offers spectacular views of the surrounding peaks and valleys and is a popular spot for hiking, mountaineering, and paragliding.
  • Vršič Pass: The Vršič Pass is the highest mountain pass in Slovenia, reaching an elevation of 1,611 meters. The pass offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, including the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park.
  • Kozjak Waterfall: The Kozjak Waterfall is a picturesque waterfall located near the village of Kobarid. It’s surrounded by lush vegetation and is an easy hike from the nearby parking lot.
  • Predel Pass: The Predel Pass is a mountain pass located on the border between Slovenia and Italy. The pass offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and is a popular spot for hiking and cycling.
  • Krn Lake: Krn Lake is a glacial lake located in the Julian Alps. It’s surrounded by rugged peaks and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.
  • Trenta Valley: The Trenta Valley is picturesque in the heart of the Soča Valley. It’s surrounded by mountains and is a popular spot for hiking and cycling tours.


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