Snowshoeing in the magical mountain world of the Julian Alps

Imagine the beautiful unspoiled nature of the Julian Alps clothed in a winter idyll. The sight of the snowy landscape will tempt you to go for a wander. Put on your winter hiking shoes or snowshoes and start discovering the most beautiful spots for winter hiking in Slovenia. 

Do you already know where to go?

Here are some tips on the top destinations for winter hiking and snowshoeing in the Julian Alps.

Snowshoeing in the magical mountain world of the Julian Alps.

The alpine plateaus are accessible in winter conditions. They are the most popular for winter hiking and snowshoeing. In the Julian Alps, the most popular spots are Upper Sava Valley (Kranjska Gora, Pokljuka, Tamar Valley), Bohinj and Soče Valley. Most of these destinations also belong to the only national park in Slovenia, the Triglav National Park.

Upper Sava Valley

In winter, the Upper Sava Valley is a paradise for those who love skiing and cross-country skiing. It is also popular with visitors who want to go on foot to the peace of the snow-covered Alpine landscape. Popular routes for hikers are Planica, Tamar Valley, Martuljek Forest, Vrata Valley, and Krma Valley.

Snowshoes make it possible to walk on deep snow, which likes to sink in up to the knees. You can push light snow trails and enjoy the winter idyll.

Bohinj Valley

Bohinj is considered one of the most beautiful alpine valleys. In winter, the valley takes on a charm. Go on a winter exploration of the mountain beauties in the embrace of the Julian Alps and observe many natural beauties. One of the most beautiful hiking tours with snowshoes is Vogel, which will reward you with a view of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps. There is also a winter hiking tour from Stara Fužina across the Voje mountain. You can see the natural sights of the Voje waterfall, the Mostnica waterfall and Mostnica Gorge.

Soča Valley

There are many opportunities for winter hiking and snowshoeing in this valley. You can walk through snow-covered plains, endless meadows and many forest paths. Take a walk along the Trenta valley, Log pod Mangart, maybe across the Šentviška plateau. How about a winter walk with snowshoes on Kuhinja Mountain?

Pokljuka plateau

This high alpine plateau has a charm in winter. It is popular, especially among touring skiers and also hikers. From Pokljuka, you can snowshoe to Klek mountain, Lipanca, Praprotnica, Zajamniki, Jelje, Uskovnica, Javornik, Kranjska Dolina, Konjska Dolina, Velika raven, Belska Planina, Grajska Planina, Rečiška Planina, Rudno polje and Repečnikov Rovt. You can also climb any of the peaks with snowshoes. We recommend mountains Viševnik 2050m and Debela peč 2014m.

Who is snowshoeing suitable?

Snowshoeing is appropriate for anyone who likes to walk in deep snow and explore the winter landscape. All you need are warm winter boots, a pair of snowshoes, poles and sufficient snow cover.

Equipment for Snowshoeing

For hiking with snowshoes, you need the same equipment as winter hiking. You only need a pair of snowshoes, warm winter clothes, waterproof hiking shoes, suncream and sunglasses.


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