Ski Touring in Slovenia. What are the Best Spots?

Ski touring is skiing on untidy and steep slopes. This winter sport combines winter hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and alpine skiing.
You will reach the top of the hill on foot, by snowshoes or skis. You have to put on the skins that ensure slippage. There is an adrenaline descent and a wild ride all over the snow.

Ski touring in Slovenia is very popular winter activity …

Ski touring is a combination of winter hiking and skiing off-piste. The condition for this type of skiing is a strong will for demanding ascents and a desire to move in unspoiled nature. This form of skiing requires special equipment that depends on each individual. If you are going on a ski tour, you need to know how to ski very well. Above all, you need to be physically fit for this winter sport.

Ski touring basic equipment

For ski-touring, you need some equipment for this type of winter fun.

The necessary equipment for ski touring is:

  • touring skis;
  • ski skins;
  • ski glasses;
  • crampons;
  • snowshoes;

For better safety, we recommend taking with you:

  • Avalanche safety equipment;
  • Transmitter: wear it under clothing and make sure it is always on (in transmitter mode) so that other skiers and rescuers can find you in the event of a landslide;
  • Landslide airbag;
  • Probe: to search for the location of a missing person
  • Avalanche beetle;
  • Snow shovel.

Now we are ready to meet the best destinations for ski touring in Slovenia.

Ski touring opens up new horizons. With skis, you can visit an otherwise inaccessible landscape.

Now we are ready to meet the best ski touring spots in Slovenia.

Ski touring in Slovenia – Julian Alps

You will find more opportunities for ski touring in the Julian Alps. Suitable terrains for touring skiing are on all sides of the mountains.

The Soča Valley is an excellent starting point for ski touring. Skiing on lonely snowy terrains. Skiing on untouched white slopes and mountains is the desire of every touring skier. For less experienced touring skiers, touring skiing on Stol, Čisti vrh, Matajur and Mangart saddle is suitable.

Among the most popular destinations for ski touring are Mala and Velika Mojstrovka, Sleme and Krn (from the coast). For more demanding ski-touring skiers, tours below Špička under Jalovec and ski-tour in the Bala valley are suitable.

There are also many hills for ski touring in Bohinj. The mountains that rise above Bohinj offer the most beautiful areas for touring skiing in this part of Slovenia.

For easy ski-touring, we recommend Rodica, the peaks around Pokljuka and some tours on Komna. Komna is a paradise for ski touring. A great discovery for touring skiers is the beautiful terrains in Fužinarska Planina and Vogel.

Have you already tried downhill ski touring from Dovška Babe? For more extreme tours and skiers, the ridges of the Julian Alps are the right choice. The most popular destinations for ski-touring skiers are the descent from Kotovo saddle below Jalovec or behind Cmir, from Stenar to the Vrata valley.

Ski touring in Slovenia –  Karavanke

The Karavanke also offers some very varied terrains for touring skiing. You can descend the slopes of the Stol, Košuta and Kriška Gora mountains. For less experienced touring skiers, I would recommend Zelenica. On the Tržič side of the Karavanke, the most popular tours are from Kofc to Veliki vrh and Kladivo. Many people know the winter beauties of Tegoška gora, Košutnikov turn, Tolsta Košuta, Dobrča, Veliki Javornik and many other tours.

Ski touring in Slovenia – Carinthia

There are quite a few opportunities for ski touring in Carinthia. You can go on a ski tour to Pohorje, along the quiet slopes of Kop and Ribniški Pohorje. Carinthia offers top ski tours on Peca, Raduha, Olševa and Uršlja Gora.

There are many other suitable slopes for ski touring in Slovenia. It all depends on the amount of snow and low enough temperatures.


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