• Duration

    1,5 hours

  • Location

    Bohinj Lake

  • difficulty level:

    Family friendly

  • Best Season (months)


  • Available Tickets


  • Price
    • Tandem Vogar – 110 €/per person
    • Tandem Vogel – 165 €/per person
    • Tandem foto ali acro (Vogel) – 185 €/per person
    • Tandem hard core acro (Vogel) – 220 €/per person
    • TOP tandem flight (Vogel) – 300 €/per person

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Tandem paragliding flight is a peaceful experience with the most beautiful view of Bohinj and its surroundings-the lake and the surrounding hills, all the way from Karavanke to the Triglav mountain range. If the weather conditions allow the view can be reached to the sea. There is a moment, you can fly like a bird.


An unforgettable experience in the air. Fly like a bird.

What we’ll do

Two take-off spots are available one is from Vogar (900 m), a hill just above Lake Bohinj and another one from Vogel (1670 m) -local ski resort. A long-lasting photo tandem with a paraglider is a great opportunity to feel the freedom of the sky. If you have a desire to feel adrenaline you can select an acrobatic paragliding flight. If this is still not enough for you, you can choose a hardcore acrobatic flight-a special acrobatic tandem parachute (scaled, reinforced and in general ‘scratched’), a special acrobatic pilot (trained, reliable and crisp) and a special acrobatic traveller (eager 7g, 150 km / h …)
Or get to know this sport through TOP tandem flights. The TOP program lasts 2.5 hours and includes 40+ min flying time, a basic acrobatic program and wing management.


A paraglider will fly in tandem with an experienced pilot or instructor of paragliding. Previous experience with Tandem flights is not necessary. The tandem pilot or instructor will teach you what to do at the take-off site and what on landing.
This is a weather dependable activity. Passengers are comfortably located in the parachute seat in front of the pilot. The take-off is a 10-minute walk along an organized mountain path.


  1. Price:
    • Tandem Vogar – 110 €/per person
    • Tandem Vogel – 165 €/per person
    • Tandem foto ali acro (Vogel) – 185 €/per person
    • Tandem hard core acro (Vogel) – 220 €/per person
    • TOP tandem flight (Vogel) – 300 €/per person
  1. Reservation: at least 1 day before the activity
  2. Meeting point: Alpinsport, Ribčev Laz 53
  3. Take-off:
    • Vogar (900 m. n. v.)
    • Vogel (1670 m. n. v.)
  1. Landing: near Bohinj lake (530 m. n. v.)
  2. Duration:
    • Vogar – 1 hour (5-10 minutes flight time)
    • Vogel – 1,5 hours (20 minutes flight)
    • Tandem photo or acro (Vogel) – 1.5 hours (20 min flying)
    • Tandem hardcore acro (Vogel) – 1.5 hours (20 min flying)
    • TOP Tandem Flight (Vogel) – 2.5 hours (40+ min flying)
  1. Difficulty: suitable for families
  2. Equipment needed: Hiking shoes, warm clothes

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