• Duration

    10 km / 2 hours

  • Location

    Sava Dolinka River,
    Bled, Lesce, Radovljica

  • difficulty level:


  • Best Season (months)


  • Available Tickets


  • Price

    Mini-raft: from 50€/person
    Mini-raft + zipline: 75€/person

Treat yourself the best experience.

Clear dates

Do you like to explore rivers and the nature along the riverbeds and have crazy fun at the same time? Of course. Then a mini-raft experience on the Sava Dolinka river is the right choice for you. A mini-raft is an inflatable canoe for 2-3 people, with which you will go down the river on your own. The mini-raft is suitable for families who would like to stop, have fun, swim and experience something different while going down the river. It is ideal for a slow and wild river and does not need a high water level. People love to use it for river trips where they experience something completely new and fully enjoy the beauty of our rivers. You can rent a miniraft, load it in the trunk of your car and transport it to the starting position.


Highlights from mini-rafting trip along the Sava River.

What we’ll do

The assembly itself is in the rafting center, where there is a large enough and safe parking lot for your car or camper. Then we will take you with our van to the starting point for rafting down the Sava River. Before the start, the guides teach you all about safety and paddling techniques. Leave your clothes to dry in the van, we will prepare a wetsuit for you. Dressed in a neoprene suit, shoes, helmet and jacket, you will start your adventure along the Sava River. The descent itself takes approx. 2 hours. The length of the river for descent is 10 km. During the mini-raft ride itself, you will experience many adrenaline rushes and admire the pristine nature along the Sava River.

After a short break on land, we return to the boats and continue our descent towards our rafting center Tinaraft Radovljica. Jumping from the bridge is possible at the finish line. After finishing the adrenaline ride, you can cool down with a cold drink in our rafting center, or you can go on a new adrenaline adventure and go down the zipline.

Our guides are here for a reason to prepare and carry out an unforgettable rafting experience for you. It is important to know that the Sava River always offers a different experience. It depends on different water levels. Therefore, we invite you to take part in a rafting adventure at different times (spring, summer, autumn). This way you will get to know the most beautiful river in the world in almost all its colour shades and at different water levels.

What do you have to bring with you?

Everyone should have a complete set of equipment which we provide as follows: helmet, life jacket, neoprene suit (which you are obliged to wear) and shoes. Your own clothing: We suggest that underneath equipment you wear a swimming costume, T-shirt, socks …

  • a towel,
  • a swimsuit, and
  • a dry T-shirt.

Included in price

Equipment rental:

  • helmet,
  • neoprene suit,
  • safety backpack,
  • mini-rafting boat,
  • paddle
  • guides,
  • transport,
  • complete set of rafting gear (wetsuit, life jacket, neoprene shoes, helmet and windbreaker) and
  • liability insurance.

The price also includes a guide and equipment.

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