• Duration

    10 km / 2 hours

  • Location

    Sava Dolinka River,
    Bled, Lesce, Radovljica

  • difficulty level:


  • Best Season (months)


  • Available Tickets


  • Price

    Kayak: 65 €/person
    Sit-on-top: 65 €/person

    * minimum 2 persons

Treat yourself the best experience.

Clear dates

Do you want to learn to kayak down a wild river? This is your chance, go among the waves of the Sava Dolinka river and enjoy an unforgettable experience.


Highlights from the trip along Sava Dolinka with Kayak and kayak sit-on-top.

What we’ll do

Kayaking is suitable for everyone who would like to discover hidden corners of the river and enjoy its rapids accompanied by an experienced guide.
The guide determines the section of the Sava river along which the descent will take place, in accordance with the wishes and physical abilities of the participants of the descent. All the necessary basic instructions are provided by the guide before the start, then go down the river. After the descent itself, you can get even more adrenaline pumping and go down the steel rope (ZIPLINE).

Sit-on-top kayak
Sit-on-top kayaks are suitable for anyone with no paddling experience yet. They are very stable, easy to use and therefore great fun on the water for people of all ages and abilities. They have quite a few advantages over conventional river kayaks. Sit on top kayaks do not have an entry/exit hole, so getting in and out of the kayak is much easier. You don’t need a canopy for paddling, as excess water drains through the holes in the lowest part of the kayak. They are also very safe, because in the event of a capsize, you can easily turn the kayak in the water and climb back on it yourself later with some skill.

What do you have to bring with you?

Everyone should have a complete set of equipment which we provide as follows: helmet, life jacket, neoprene suit (which you are obliged to wear) and shoes. Your own clothing: We suggest that underneath equipment you wear a swimming costume, T-shirt, socks …

  • a towel,
  • a swimsuit, and
  • a dry T-shirt.

Included in price

Equipment rental:

  • helmet,
  • neoprene suit,
  • safety backpack,
  • mini-rafting boat,
  • paddle
  • guides,
  • transport,
  • complete set of rafting gear (wetsuit, life jacket, neoprene shoes, helmet and windbreaker) and
  • liability insurance.

The price also includes a guide and equipment.

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