Explore Slovenia is an agency that designs outdoor arrangements in cooperation with contractors. These general terms and conditions are an integral part of the tender, which is accepted by the contracting authority upon confirmation of the tender.

The General Terms and Conditions apply only to the package offer created by Explore Slovenia unless it is explicitly stated that they also apply to the sale of arrangements of other organizers.

If the special terms and conditions or individual program regarding otherwise specified in these general terms and conditions and instructions provide otherwise, the statement or. provision specified in the program.

In the case of an online reservation, it is considered that the subscriber of the service has accepted the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions when ordering and confirming the offer in the reservation system. The provisions of the general terms and conditions and instructions can be found on the website, where they are specially marked and generally accessible.

The Client is any person who has made a valid reservation or paid for a service from the online offer.


The Client has the right to cancel the services booked on the Explore Slovenia portal. If the customer cancels an already booked arrangement, Explore Slovenia has the right to reimbursement of costs due to the cancellation of services. The amount of reimbursement depends on the time in which the client submitted the cancellation, which must be in writing via the Explore Slovenia portal or by e-mail booking@exploreslovenia.si. If the client cancels the arrangement, Explore Slovenia is obliged to reimburse administrative costs in the amount of € 10.00 per person.

The amount of reimbursement of the costs of the cancellation of services depends on the time before the day of commencement of the service in which the client submitted the cancellation or otherwise cancelled the arrangement:
• up to 14 days before the beginning of the arrangement – free of charge;
• 14 – 8 days before the beginning of the arrangement – 30% of the price;
• 7 to one working day until 20:00 before the day of the beginning of the service – 80% of the price;
• Cancellation on the day of departure or non-participation without cancellation of 100% of the price of the arrangement.

Notwithstanding the cancellation costs set out above, they may also be higher when additional costs have been incurred as a result of the organization of the arrangement. The conditions also apply to business partners who cooperate with Explore Slovenia. If the conditions for reimbursement of costs due to the cancellation of the arrangement are determined differently in the program, the conditions set out in the program shall apply.

Upon cancellation of services, the client must sign a cancellation document offered to him by the agency. If he refuses to sign this document, it is considered as if he has not cancelled the service.
If the client terminates it during the implementation of the program, he is not entitled to reimbursement of costs or purchase price, neither in part nor in full.
In the event of a change of the program at one’s request, or due to force majeure, without any reasons on the part of Explore Slovenia due to incorrectly performed service, the passenger has no right to demand any compensation or price reduction.


Following applicable law, Explore Slovenia reserves the right to cancel or change the implementation of the arrangement.
Explore Slovenia reserves the right to withdraw from the contract in full or in part if, before or during the implementation of the arrangement, extraordinary circumstances arise with the contractors that could not have been expected, removed or avoided. For Explore Slovenia, the changed circumstances are a valid reason why he would not have concluded the contract if they had existed at the time of concluding the contract.

Explore Slovenia may terminate the contract or withdraw from the conclusion of the arrangement and demand compensation from the client who directly violates the provisions of the terms. If it is established that the client intentionally reported incorrect data on the number of guests or their age, or that changes occurred during the implementation of the program, the client did not notify Explore Slovenia promptly.
Explore Slovenia does not assume responsibility for changes to the arrangement due to the occurrence of any force majeure. In these cases, it can provide guests with services in a modified form, depending on existing options.

If Explore Slovenia cancels the service, the subscriber has the right to a full refund of the price paid for the ordered service.
Explore Slovenia is not responsible for delays of planes, ships, trains or buses, as well as for changes in the arrangement that would occur as a result of such delays.
If guests cannot be accommodated in the facilities listed in the offer, Explore Slovenia may place the client in the same place in another facility of the same category.


The calculation of the arrangement is made according to the existing offer, which was confirmed by the client. The Contracting Authority is obliged to notify any change in the number of participants that deviates from the confirmed offer no later than 48 hours before the event and to finally notify the number of participants.

If a small number of participants participate in the event according to the information stated in the confirmed offer, the calculation will be made following the confirmed offer, the client is not entitled to a refund.