Krn Lake, a jewel in the Julian Alps

At 1391 meters above sea level, in the embrace of the highlands, lies Lake Krn. It is in the July Alps in the Triglav National Park.
It is the largest alpine lake in Slovenia. The trail to the lake is a popular hiking destination.
The Krn Lake is beautiful. Its blue-green colour attracts every visitor. The view of this unique mountain lake is magnificent.

About Lake Krn

Lake Krn is more than 300m long and 150m wide. In the lowest part, it reaches almost 18m deep. 

There is a beautiful view of Krn 2244m and the nearby peaks. 

The water level fluctuates by about 2 m. The highest level is in early summer. The lake is of glacial origin and lies in the middle of the karst world in the Julian Alps.

The lake is rich in life. It is home to more than 40 different plants and 24 different animals. Its most common inhabitants are mountain lizards (navels) and crabs.

This attractive lake is a very popular hiking and excursion. It is popular because of its beauty and the unspoiled nature around it. 

At Lake Krn, everyone will find a place for themselves, where they can relax and enjoy the tranquillity of nature. Due to the sensitive ecosystem in the lake, swimming in it is not allowed.

Dupeljsko Lake

Near Krn lake, there is also Dupeljsko lake. It is 20 minutes away from Lake Krn. Lake Dupelj is one of Krn lakes (next to Krn and Lake Lužnica). It is a delightful lake that you will not forget. It is caught in the woods and enchants in a small hollow with its vibrant green colour of the water.

The bloody Battle of the Isonzo raged in the Krn Mountains during the First World War.

Open-air museum

During the First World War, the Isonzo Front took place in the Krn Mountains. Remains of underground hiding places, firing shafts and the remains of demolished buildings you will find here today.

Hiking trail

Easier and slightly longer paths lead to the lake. They are suitable for everyone, including children. You can climb one of the nearby mountains. Very popular are Veliki Lemež, Debeljak, Vrh Duplja, Veliki Šmohor, Mali Šmohor, etc.

Hut in Lepena – Lake Krn

The starting point of this hiking trail is in the Lepena valley. 

Leave the main road between Trento and Bovec in the village Soča, where the road branches off for the valley in Lepena. Then follow the road that will take you to the parking place at the hut in Lepena. 

Then you will continue along a wide marked path in the direction of the Krn Lakes. Slightly higher, the path splits in two. Route one is long and flat, also suitable for children. The second route is shorter and quite steep. The trail will lead you through the forest, all the way to Hut at Krn lake. The lake is only a few minutes walk away.

  • Starting point: Dom v Lepeni (700m)
  • Duration: 2:30 hours (one way), about 5:00 hours 
  • Distance:  13 km
  • Difficulty: easy marked route
  • Altitude difference: 750m
  • Ascent: 879 m
  • Descent: 877 m

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