Juliana Trail, a trail around the Julian Alps

The Juliana trail is a 270 km long circular hiking trail. A path takes you through the most beautiful parts of the Julian Alps. Through the Alpine valleys, over mountain passes, along the Sava and Soča rivers.
This alpine long-distance route has 16 stages. If you want to experience the whole Alpine world, you have to walk through 4 additional paths on Juliana Trail. That will take you to Brda. The stages are of different lengths and demanding.

The total length of the route is 270 km, and an additional four stages, another 60 km. Along the way, you will overcome as many as 10,000 m of altitude differences. Of course, you can only cross one of the 20 stages in total.

Take a trip around the Julian Alps on the Juliana Trail.

Stage no. 1: Kranjska Gora – Mojstrana

The first stage leads along a valley of the Sava Dolinka and the slopes of the Karavanke mountains. The path will take you through the village Srenji vrh, into a Gozd Martuljek near the Martuljek waterfalls. Follow the path along the Sava River along the border of the Triglav National Park. Along the way, you will admire the beautiful peaks of the Julian Alps.

Length: 18.5 km | Estimated time: 5:30 hours | Ascent: 233 m | Descent: 403 km

Stage no. 2: Mojstrana – Jesenice

The second stage leads from Mojstrana through the village of Dovje to the ironworks town of Jesenice. 

Length 20.6 km | Estimated time: 4:30 hours | Ascent: 691 m | Descent: 784 km

Stage no. 3: Jesenice – Begunje

This stage starts in Jesenice, will lead you through Dobravško polje and across Sava Dolinka to the village below Stol and ends in Begunje.

Length: 16.7 km | Estimated time: 4:30 hours | Ascent: 408 m | Descent: 446 km

Stage no. 4: Begunje – Lake Bled

The flattest stage. The path takes you from Begunje, through Radovljica and Bled (Lake Bled). Along the way, you can see many natural sights.

Length: 15 km |Estimated time: 3:40 hours | Ascent: 95 m | Descent: 159 km

Stage no. 5: Lake Bled – Pokljuka

The stage starts at Lake Bled, passes through Gorje and brings you to Goreljek na Pokljuki.

Length: 21 km | Estimated time: 6:40 hours | Ascent: 866 m | Descent: 91 km

Stage no. 6: Pokljuka – Stara Fužina, Bohinj

The sixth stage leads through Pokljuka forests and mountains to the village of Stara Fužina in Bohinj. 

Length: 22 km | Estimated time 4:40 hours | Ascent: 323 m | Descent: 1048 km

Stage no. 7: Stara Fužina – Bohinjska Bistrica

The seventh stage is one of the shortest, only 11 km long. The path leads you to Stara Fužina through Ribčev Laz by Lake Bohinj to Bohinjska Bistrica.

Length: 11 km | Estimated time 2:30 hours | Ascent: 105 m | Descent: 149 km

Stage no. 8: Bohinjska Bistrica – Podpbrdo

Stage 8 is considered one of the most difficult. The route runs from Bohinjska Bistrica to Podbrdo over the ancient Vrh Bače pass. For many centuries, this pass connected Bohinj and the coastal side of Slovenia. Length: 13.7 km | Estimated time 5 hours | Ascent: 770 m | Descent: 782 km

Stage no. 9: Podbrdo – Baška grapa

One of the most beautiful stages follows. It will lead you through sunny mountain villages above Baška Grapa.

Length 17 km | Estimated time: 6:30 hours | Ascent: 1010 m | Descent: 1208 km

Stage no. 10: Baška grapa – Most na Soči

You have now walked more than halfway. This time, Juliana Trail will take you along the lower part of Baška Grapa and take you to the Soča river valley, to Most na Soči.

Length: 16.2 km | Estimated time: 4:30 hours | Climb: 776 m | Descent: 919 km

Stage no. 11: Most na Soči – Tolmin

This stage is the shortest, so cross it with the 12th stage or take a day off and visit the beautiful Tolmin Gorge. The path takes you from Most na Soči to Tolmin.

Length: 6 km | Estimated time: 1 hours | Ascent: 187 m | Descent: 133 km

Embark on the Juliana Trail circular long-distance hiking trail and explore the landscape at the foot of the Julian Alps.

Stage no. 12: Tolmin – Kobarid

The trail leads from Tolmin along a very flat path to the historic town of Kobarid. You can visit the Kobarid Museum on the Isonzo Front, which took place in this area during the First World War and is still considered one of the bloodiest battles in history.

Length: 16.1 km | Estimated time: 3:50 hours | Ascent: 125 m | Descent: 77 km |

Stage no. 13: Kobarid – Bovec

The thirteenth stage of the Julian trail takes place between Kobarid and Bovec and takes us from the coastal region to the rough and sharp mountain world. Most of the route runs along the Soča River, so you will be able to enjoy it in all its beauty. It is one of the longest stages, so prepare well for it.

Length: 20.2 km | Estimated time: 6 hours | Ascent: 412 m | Descent: 198 km |

Stage no. 14: Bovec – Log Pod Mangartom

This stage is the most picturesque stage on the Juliana Trail. It takes you past monuments that remind us of the events of the First World War.

You will then take a walk in the Log Pod Mangartom valley. The village is rich in waterfalls. Log pod Mangartom is considered one of the most beautiful spots in the Julian Alps.

Length: 11.3 km | Estimated time: 3:30 hours | Ascent: 340 m | Descent: 151 km |

Stage no. 15: Log after Mangart – Predel, Italy

This stage has the highest ascent. From Log pod Mangartom we ascend for 600 m to the Predel pass and descend to the Italian side.

Length: 20.6 km | Estimated time: 4:15 hours | Ascent: 767 m | Descent: 659 km |

Stage no. 16: Predel – Kranjska Gora

The sixteenth stage is again flatties. This route runs from the mining town of Rabelj towards Tarvisio, across the village of Rute. The path continues towards the border crossing in Rateče, to our starting point towards Kranjska Gora.

Length: 19 km | Estimated time: 6 hours | Ascent: 181 m | Descent: 129 km |

Take a walk through another four stages of the Julian Trail, which takes you through the hilly landscape of Brda.

Stage no. 17: Tolmin – mountain lodge Pod Ježo

The 17th stage starts in Tolmin. The trail continues across the Soča, through Volče and to Kolovrat. The Juliana Trail also runs along the Alpe Adria Trail, which at the top turns across the former border into Venice on the Italian side. You will descend the ridge down to the mountain lodge Pod Ježo.

Length: 12.6 km | Estimated time: 4:40 hours | Ascent: 999 m | Descent: 448 km

Stage no. 18: Mountain hut Pod Ježo – Korada

This stage runs along the Kolovrat ridge and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Julian Alps, the Soča Valley, Venice and the Friuli lowlands to the Adriatic Sea. This part of the Juliana Trail is very scenic and moderately demanding. This stage is part of the Path of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic. It is a part of the route connecting the Three Shrines also.

Length: 20.5 km | Estimated time: 7:00 hours | Ascent: 720 m | Descent: 670 km

Stage no. 19: Korada – Smartno

The stage leads from the highest point of Brda, Korada (812 m), with a view of the western Julian Alps, the Friuli lowlands, the Brda hills and the Adriatic Sea, to the most picturesque and most visited Brda medieval village Šmartno.

Length: 10.8 km | Estimated time: 3:00 hours | Ascent: 78 m | Descent: 620 km

Stage no. 20: Smartno – Solkan

The stage leads from the tourist pearl of Brda, the medieval village of Šmartno, over the Sabotin hill to Solkan. The route thus connects Brda with the Bohinj railway and the Posočje on one side and the Vipava valley on the other.

Length: 13.7 km | Estimated time: 4:35 hours | Ascent: 521 m | Descent: 699 km


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