Hiking tour to Viševnik

Viševnik is a mountain peak in the Julian Alps, accessible in all seasons. If you are a fan of winter hiking, the tour to Viševnik is a good hiking experience. A walk through the vast spruce forests of the Pokljuka plateau. Up there is a fantastic view of Pokljuka and the nearby peaks of the Julian Alps. Did we convince you?

We went on a winter tour to the mountain Viševnik, 2050 m high.
This beautiful mountain rises northwest of Rudno polje on Pokljuka. Our goal is a circular route from Pokljuka to the top of Viševnik and back to the starting point.

Description of the hiking tour to Viševnik

We started the route from the parking lot at Rudno polje in Pokljuka. At the end of the parking lot. A macadam road branches off to the right with signposts for Mount. Triglav. Our focus was the path that climbs to the ski slope.

You will notice a marked route to the right, on the ski slope, next to the ski lift. Focus on this path, which leads us through the forest belt in a moderate ascent. Before the road crosses the ski slope, marked footpath branches off to the left. This route crosses a pasture fence. Then it climbs along the edge of the ski slope.

Then the marked route turns left at the top of the first ski lift. It turns into a small steep valley.
Towards the top of the mentioned valley, the route ascends.

Over time, the path flattens out a bit. It leads us past an abandoned hunting observatory to a crossroads.
Continue your tour straight in the direction of Viševnik. Route on the right leads to the Lipanca mountain and Viševnik over Kačji rob. You continue along a steeper footpath. It will take you to smaller saddles.

The saddle offers a beautiful view of the Lower Bohinj Mountains. You continue on the saddle in the right, along a wide mountain trail.
This footpath continues ascending through the dwarf pine. The dwarf pine turns into steep grassy slopes. In a few steps, you will climb the ridge of Viševnik.

A short crossing of the rocky slope followed. You will reach the peak of Viševnik in a few steps. The upper part of the trail is dangerous of landslides in the winter. There is also a risk of slipping. Be careful.

On the top of the mountain Viševnik

All the effort pays off when you get to the top of the mountain. A beautiful view of the peaks of the Julian Alps opens up. Nearby mountains: Ablanca (2005m), Veliki Draški Vrh and Mali Draški vrh (2132m), Triglav (2864m), Kredarica (2540m), Rž (2538m), Mala Rjavina (2530m), Rjavina (2532m), Debela Peč (2014m), Brda (2009m).

Descent from Mount Viševnik

You can descend from the mountain the same way you climbed it. You can also make a nice circular route along another route. We chose the route for the descent, from Viševnik over Golo Raven, via Planina Konjščica back to Rudno polje.
From the top of Viševnik, you continue along the ridge towards a small saddle, where the path continues towards Draški vrh. Continue on the left side, over scree into the ravine, which descends steeply towards the Planina Konjščica. The route is well marked, so follow it in the direction of Rudno polje.

Route statistics

  • Distance: 9.5 km
  • Duration: 4:30 hours
  • Lowest point: 1383 m
  • Highest point: 2097 m
  • Ascent: 765 m
  • Descent: 801 m
  • Steps: 15,618

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