Guided or self-guided hiking and biking tours

You need help deciding whether to go on a guided or self-guided hiking or biking tour. We offer you a comparison of the two options. The decision will be so much easier, right?

What is the main difference?

Self-guided hiking or biking tours are becoming increasingly popular because they give you flexibility and independence. They cost slightly less than guided tours and provide a certain amount of autonomy on your way.

If you enjoy meeting new people and guiding and structuring your daily schedule, then a guided tour is probably the best choice. The guide will remind you of the attractions along the way. In case of technical problems, the guide will help you.

Guided hiking and biking tours

If you enjoy group hiking and biking tours, meeting new people, and organized and guided tours, then a guided hiking or biking tour is probably best for you.

Guided hiking and biking tours offer some comfort. You have everything planned and organized in advance: accommodation, bike rental, your trip, food, transportation of equipment and luggage, tours and so on. Guides will remind you of natural sights on the way. They are with you, even when something goes wrong, if you get hurt or if your bike breaks down.

Support and guidance vary depending on the tour organizer. The guide is always with you on hiking tours. On cycling tours. The first guide can be with you on the bike.
Another guide can accompany you with an accompanying vehicle. It carries equipment and your luggage. The van also allows you to bridge less attractive or more demanding sections on the route.

What include guided hiking and biking tours

What guided tours involve depends on the provider. When choosing a guided tour, it is necessary to check what all the offer includes. It also depends on whether it is a hiking or biking guided tour.

What you usually get on a guided tour:

  • organized accommodation in an apartment, glamping, camping;
  • breakfast;
  • dinner;
  • bicycle rental (for cycling tours);
  • accompanying van (not on all guided tours);
  • baggage transport;
  • organized sightseeing tours;
  • tour description and information material;
  • detailed planned routes.

If you are not an experienced mountaineer or mountain biker, go on a tour with a professional guide.

Self-guided hiking and biking tours

Self-guided hiking and biking tours are becoming increasingly popular.

Self-guided tours offer flexibility and independence. They are also slightly cheaper than guided tours. Even though you will be on the road without a guide, he will still give you some support. Although you will be on the way without a guide, you do not have to deal with the organization of accommodation and route planning. All this has been arranged for you in advance by the organizer.

You will carelessly explore a landscape on your own. You will get to know different cultures and sights.

You will find a cottage or inn with great local food along the way. You certainly won’t be hungry.

Support and independence

“Self-guided” doesn’t mean you’re on tour completely alone. Along the way, you’ll have your own pace and decide on stops and sightseeing. 

The organizer will take care of the logistics of your equipment. He will come to pick you up at your final destination and provide you with technical assistance.

  • Accommodation reservations and luggage transport included;
  • Accommodations are usually the same as guided tours. The provider often follows the same paths.
  • The organizer will provide a map, a detailed description of the route and tips on attractions along the way. Information about the stops on the way and restaurants is also available.
  • The organizer is available 24/7 on the mobile phone in case of emergencies or problems on the road.

What does not include a self-guided tour?

Unlike guided hiking and biking tours, self-guided tours (except where stated) do not have an accompanying support van.

It is on you to arrive at the next accommodation point yourself, regardless of the weather. If you still run into problems, call the emergency number.

For the most part, you will have to take care of any technical problems with the bike on the way yourself. Any additional costs may be charged separately by the organizer.

If you need a new bike, the organizer will provide it the next day.

What do they have in common?

Bicycle and equipment rental

You can take your bike on cycling tours, and the organizer also takes care of the appropriate bike. The organizer will provide you with a bike, depending on the type of bike tour: road bike, gravel biking bike or mountain bike.

Some organizers do not rent helmets, mainly for hygienic and safety reasons.

In case of technical problems along the way, you will contact the organizer, who will provide you with a new bike or provide bike service.

Accommodation on tours

Accommodation on your tour can be private accommodations, camps, mountain huts or apartments. 

The type of accommodation depends on whether you are going on a hiking or cycling tour. All accommodations are friendly for hikers and cyclists.

Hiking and biking tour plan

Most vacations start with your arrival at the destination, where the guides will give you all the necessary directions and possible equipment. Hiking or biking tours start the next day, after your arrival.


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