Paragliding adrenaline experience

Paragliding is an outdoor activity, classified as a free flight activity. Often confused with the parachute, this adrenaline sport is practised as a hobby. Try to fly with a paraglide and find out now why this sport is so interesting.

Paragliding is the closest flying experience you can experience. Together with an experienced guide, you will experience the perfect feeling of flying in tandem while looking at the beautiful landscape.

All you have to do is take a few quick steps on takeoff. The wind will fill the parachute and you will sail higher and higher, free as birds. You can also take a camera with you, as you will be able to sit comfortably and enjoy the views without any worries.

No previous experience is required for tandem paragliding. The duration of an individual flight depends on weather conditions. Experienced instructors will do everything to make your flight last as long as possible.

Equipment you get: helmet and belt.

Paragliding adrenaline experience in Slovenia, Explore Slovenia with paragliding


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