Experience the Dleskovec Plateau Your Way.

The Dleskovec plateau is an attractive high-altitude karst plateau.
This alpine-karst plateau has a name after the Dleskovec mountain peak. It is a popular outdoor destination among hikers, mountain bikers, touring skiers, mountain runners and climbers. Experience the beautiful world of the Savinja Alps.

Have you ever heard of the Alpine-Karst plateau on the edge of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps? This is the Dleskovec plateau. A varied landscape that offers countless opportunities to explore and admire the mountains.

About the Dleskovec Plateau

Dleskovec plateau or Veža, is an alpine-karst plateau in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Abounding of sinkholes, caves and other glacial formations throughout is on the plateau.

This alpine-karst plateau stretches between the valleys of Kamniška Bela, Lučka Bela, Podvolovljek and Robanov kot. It covers 20 square kilometres and is partially overgrown with forest and mountain dwarf pine.

The highest peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps rise mightily above the plateau. On the plateau is many rock peaks. Some of them rise more than 2,000 meters high.

The land of the Dleskovec plateaus are characterized by rocky peaks: Dleskovec (1965 m), Tolsti vrha (1986), Deska ali Veža (1970), Lastovec (1841 m), Lučki dedec (2023 m). Among the higher ones are Veliki Vrh (2110 m) with Velika Zelenica (2114 m). Above Roban’s corner stretches the ridge of the Poljska Devica (eng. Polish Virgin) (2028 m), Molička Peč (2029 m) and Križevnik (1909 m). With its 2114 m, Velika Zelenica is the highest peak of the Dleskovec plateau.

Between these peaks, the landscape is full of hollows, which in some places are sinkholes, overgrown with dwarf pine.  Many mountains are on this beautiful Alpine-Karst plateau, where cattle graze during the year. 

This alpine-karst plateau is a popular spot for ski touring, snowshoeing and winter hiking in the wintertime.

These mountains are: Zelena trata, Dolga trata, Vodole, Vodotočne, Korošica, Planina Ravne and Planina Podvežak.

What to do

In the summertime, it is full of well-trodden paths. And in the wintertime, it is a paradise for ski-touring skiers. The varied landscape, dotted with mountain pastures and shepherd’s trails, will enchant lovers of solitary wanderings.

The mountains of the Dleskovec plateau are the starting points for visiting the highest peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Climb one of the highest peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps (from east to west):

  • Ojstrica (2350 m)
  • Lučka Baba (2331 m)
  • Vilice (2343 m)
  • Planjava (2394 m)
  • Lučki Dedec (2030 m)

You can achieve the top of the mountains from Planina Podvežak (1440 m). It is on the southern edge of the plateau. 

The forest road will take you just below Planina Podvežak. There is a starting point for your adventure. 

Many mountaineers are also interested in the approach from the Ravne mountain (1500 m) and the Planina Vodole mountain.

Do you need an idea of where to go in the Dleskovec plateau? Here are some ideas for a hiking adventure on the Dleskovec plateau.


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