Downhill cycling, 10 reasons why you should try it

Recently, more and more nature cycling enthusiasts are opting for so-called downhill cycling. This type of cycling is popular among young cyclists. In addition to riding on various forest paths, downhill cycling also offers many obstacles, from smaller roots and rocks to larger rock sections, steep slopes and jumps.

What are the main reasons for the great popularity of downhill cycling

When you decide to go downhill biking, you need to know a few reasons why it is worth trying this cycling discipline.

1. Downhill trails are suitable for everyone

Downhill bike trails have different levels of difficulty. The difficulty level of cycling routes ranges from easier, light green to extremely difficult, black routes. Increasingly challenging routes that have more difficult obstacles also include an alternative, an easier path. You can ride around the obstacle on the trail and not jump over it.

2. The whole body is active in downhill cycling

Unlike other forms of cycling in downhill riding, the cyclist stands all the time. The posture for downhill cycling is standing. That is the reason that all the muscles in the body are active. The cyclist must be collected all the time and pay attention to obstacles on the track. If you are not careful enough, an accident can happen quickly.

3. Cycling is more fun with a real downhill bike

Downhill bikes are differently from classic mountain bikes. They are slightly heavier, with a differently shaped body, full suspension and a lower seat. Kolesa za spust so ustvarjena za vožnjo po neravnem terenu, čez ovire, korenine, skale, skoke, skratka za čisto premagovanje gravitacije.

4. Jumps and turns are designed professionally

Downhill tracks are routed and designed to be adapted to the complexity. Easier and simpler routes are often wider, with fewer obstacles. In many landscaped parks, the descent routes are equipped with wooden bends for optimal speed and intermediate parts are smoothly led to rest a bit.

5. During the activity you are in a landscape with beautiful views

Most downhill trails in Slovenia are in bicycle parks on ski slopes or in their immediate vicinity. The descent down the slope offers you views of the beautiful landscape. To catch a glimpse of the beautiful mountains, stop while driving, admire the beautiful scenery and take some photos.

When downhill cycling, it is necessary to have a sober head and open eyes. It is necessary to constantly monitor what is happening around you because only in this case you will be safe and you will enjoy it to the maximum. First safety, then pleasure;)

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6. Appropriate equipment for safe descent

What equipment do you need for downhill cycling? Downhill cycling equipment is a helmet with a protective face, sturdy shoes, shields on the back, shoulders, elbows and knees. Trained cyclists reach high speeds when descending. Without proper protective equipment, you could suffer serious injuries in a fall.

7. Classes for beginner cyclists

Some bike parks also offer lessons for beginner cyclists. The descent technique is quite different from other cycling techniques. In addition to the cable car ticket, most Slovenian cycling parks also offer lessons for beginners. Some bike parks rent suitable bicycles and protective equipment. An instructor will teach you how to stand on the bike. He will teach you, how to guide it while riding, how to shift weight and brake.

8. Downhill cycling is a great way to spend your free time

There is nothing more beautiful than being active in the company of your family and friends. Downhill cycling combines young and old can learn a lot from each other and enjoy cycling adventures.

9. Unleash your adrenaline with Downhill Cycling

Downhill cycling is a sport suitable for everyone who loves adrenaline. Cycling routes of various levels of difficulty offer you many cycling challenges. On the downhill trails you will have challenges at every turn and behind every turn. Let gravity guide you on the descent and move smoothly around bends without any problems or fear.

10. Downhill is a sport where you will never get bored

If you enjoy cycling and are always looking for new challenges, then downhill cycling is the right choice. Downhill biking is proper for all seasons. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and warm sunshine. There are many downhill biking routes in Slovenia. Most of them run on ski slopes and no track is the same as another. Every ride can be different, which means you will never be bored on the track.

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