Kamnik-Savinja Alps

To experience the joys of the high mountains of the Alps, you can go to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps (KSA). This mountain group is in the far north of Slovenia. In the area of ​​these Alps is located one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in Europe, Logarska Valley. Numerous alpine valleys, waterfalls, caves, pristine forests and wild rivers will take you by surprise.

The Kamnim-Savinja Alps offer endless possibilities for your next outdoor experience.

A typical cultural landscape gives the Alpine a unique image, and many protected areas of nature give a sense of carefree enjoyment in unspoiled nature.

About Kamnik-Savinja Alps

Kamnik-Savinja Alps are a mountain group in the north of Slovenia.  

They are an integral part of the Southern Limestone Alps and cover an area of ​​988 square km. 

This mountain group is the second-highest Slovenian after the Julian Alps. The mountain range was named partly after the town of Kamnik and partly after the Savinja River. 

The name of the KSA often appears separately in the Kamnik Alps and the Savinja Alps.

The highest peak is Grintovec (2558 m). It is one of the highest mountain peaks in Slovenia.

From the west to the east, we divide them into three parts:

  • The Storžič Group (2132 m) is west of the Kokra River and south of the Karavanke.
  • The group of central Grintovec peaks is on the east side of the river Kokra. The highest peak is Grintovec (2558 m). The Mt Grintovec is only a few meters higher than the neighbouring peaks.
  • The third group are the high karst plateaus, where the vast plateau is Veža or Dleskovška plateau. The Dleskovo plateau, which rises steeply above the valley of Lučka Bela and Robanov kot, is full of karst caves and abysses. This group also includes plateaus such as Velika planina, Menina planina, Golte, Smrekovško pogorje and Raduha.

Natural sights Kamnik-Savinja Alps

There are many alpine valleys in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. One of the most besieged and magnificent is Logarska valley. 

On the Savinja side of the Alps, there are also: the Robanov kot valley, the Matkov kot valley and the Podvolovljek valley. The Upper Jezersko valley stretches to the far north. The Kamniška Bistrica valley is in the southern part of KSA. 

Natural sights worth visiting: Rinka waterfall, Palenk waterfall, Orglice waterfall, gorge Veliki in Mali Predaselj, Matkov škaf, Snow cave under Raduha and more.

What to do in Kamnik-Savinja Alps

The Kamnik-Savinja Alps are extremely popular among mountaineers. The highest peaks exceed 2,500 m, and many well-marked mountain trails lead to them. There are also many opportunities for mountain bikers. You can go on one of the many marked cycling routes or go down the bike park.

Take a bike ride around the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and discover all the hidden corners of this region. Are you fascinated by the beautiful views? Then the right choice will be a cycling or hiking trail, Solčava Panoramic Road. There are several different trails available to you. Are you interested? Read more in the story Solčava Panoramic Road.

If you are a fan of water adventures, you can go down the rapids of the Savinja River. During the season, guided descents with a mini raft, kayak, bellyak and canoe are organized. If you are good at SUP, you can explore rivers or lakes.

Rivers and lakes in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps are paradises for fishing. With the appropriate permit, you can fish in all crabs and lakes.

How many fish did you catch? Did we impress you?

Head to the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and let your adventure begin.


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