Zreče Pohorje and Rogla

Zreče Pohorje and Rogla is located in the heart of Pohorje hills. Rogla is a famous ski and outdoor centre.
Center Rogla is popular for skiers, cross-country skiers, snowshoers, hikers and mountain and enduro cyclists. It is the highest lying sports centre in Slovenia. On Rogla there is a football field and a multipurpose sports hall.

Rogla also has a climatic health resort and hotel accommodation. In the area of ​​Zreče Pohorje and Rogla, there are many wetlands and one of the most famous natural sights of Lovrenc lakes and in the east also Black lake in Pohorje. Embark on a journey of discovering this unique and picturesque landscape on foot, by bike or otherwise.

Are you tempted to go downhill on a mountain bike? Bike Park Rogla offers an adrenaline boost to more extreme cyclists is also suitable for beginners. Bike park Rogla has more than 7 km of downhill routes. There is also a training ground where beginners will gain their first cycling experience. Experienced instructors will help you with techniques and tips.

Rogla is a popular ski resort in winter, and every year they also prepare cross-country ski trails. Both beginners and more demanding ski aces will enjoy the Rogla ski resorts. They also have a snow park with various trials for those who like adrenaline. Rogla is very popular for hiking and snowshoeing in winter.

The healing climate on Rogla has a beneficial effect on patients suffering from respiratory tract and lung disorders.

Hiking trails:

  • Path to Black Lake: A circular hiking trail runs from Rogla to Black Lake, between Osankarica and Veliki vrh at 1200 m. Due to peat and sediments, the lake is dark and mysterious. The shore of the lake is overgrown with spruce and peat moss. Black Lake on Pohorje is a nature reserve.
  • The path to Lovrenc lakes: Hikers heading to the Lovrenška Lakes will enjoy unspoiled nature. At the finish, you will find beautiful and mysterious lakes. Lovrenc lakes are one of the most attractive natural sights in the Pohorje Mountains. You can choose in few paths that lead to lakes. Two routes lead from Rogla, then one from Lovrenc in Pohorje and from Ribnica in Pohorje.

Cycling routes:

  • Circular cycling route 2: 1 – Šumik: The route runs from the centre of Rogla to the hut on Pesko, to Klopni vrh through the Šumik primaeval forest (small and large Šumik waterfalls), Lobnica, Osankarica nature reserve and back to Rogla. The length of the trail is 63 km. On the way, you can also stop at the Black Lake on Pohorje.
  • Circular cycling trail Planina in Pohorje: This 37.8 km long cycling trail takes you from Rogla towards the valley through the highest lying compact Slovenian village Skomarje. You will see many cultural attractions and a deer farm on the way.
  • Rakovec Commission Cycling Trail: Rakovec Commission Cycling Trail: It is a 28 km very demanding circular mountain bike route. The cycle route runs from Rogla, along the slopes of Pohorje towards Mislinja and the Šaleška Valley and back to Rogla.
  • Cycling trail Klopni vrh: The cycling trail is 22 km long and is considered very demanding. The path takes you from Rogla through the Pohorje forests to the outskirts of Oplotnica, to the hut below Klopni vrh. On the way, you will get beautiful views of the surrounding hills of Ruše and the Maribor basin.