Ribniško Pohorje and Kope

Ribniško Pohorje is the place where is the highest peak of the Pohorje Mountains. Črni vrh is the higest point of Pohorje and is 1534 m high. You will find it on the western side of the Pohorje Mountains. There are many high peat bogs and Lake Ribnica in this area. The most beautiful hiking trail is from Ribnica in Pohorje to Kop or vice versa. A gentle, scenic path will lead you past forests, grass and meadows. On the way, you will see wooden benches and books that keep the educational secrets of Pohorje. Here you will also find unforgettable experiences for cyclists.

Endless cycling routes stretch from Ribniško Pohorje, through Kopa, into the underground of the Peca mountain all the way to the Drava valley. The unique landscape along the Drava River will impress you. Picturesque nature and unforgettable experiences along the way will delight children as well.

Ski lovers will find their place at the Kope ski resort and the Ribnica and Pohorje ski resorts.

The healing climate on Rogla has a beneficial effect on patients suffering from respiratory tract and lung disorders.

Hiking trails:

  • Hiking trail Ribnica – Kope: Why on Pohorje, compasses do not work? You will find the answer on the thematic hiking trail from Ribniška koča (1507m) to Velika Kopa (1542m).
  • Path to Ribniško Lake: Ribniško Lake have a unique ecosystem is considered one of the hidden pearls of Pohorje. The shortest hiking trail to Lake Ribnica is just that. If you want a long-last trip, head out of the village of Ribnica in Pohorje, which takes a good two and a half hours in one direction.
  • The path to Lovrenška Jezera: The route will take you along the ridge of Pohorje all the way from Ribniška koča to Lovrenc lakes through the unspoiled nature of the Pohorje hills. You will enjoy the beautiful views, and with a piece of luck, you will meet a wild rabbit, deer or wild rooster.

Cycling routes:

  • Pohorje cycling transversal: A 75 km long cycling route runs along the ridges of Pohorje, connecting the eastern part of Pohorje with the western part of Pohorje. The cycling transversal stretches from Sv. Bolfenka on the east side to Kremžljev vrh on the west side.
  • Mine tour by bicycles: Mountain biking in the heart of the Peca Mountain is a unique experience. The path in the underground of the Mountain lies in the tunnels, interleaved with humps and hollows of the former railway sleepers.
  • Drava cycling route: Drava cycling route is, with its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, the most beautiful cycling route in Europe. It starts at the source of the Drava River in Italy and continues its journey through Austria to Slovenia. Here it leads through Dravograd, Maribor and Ptuj, all the way to the Slovenian-Croatian border. The Slovenian part of the route runs along less busy, local roads and well-maintained cycle paths.
  • Slivnica OKP 5-3: is a cycling route suitable for all recreational cyclists and lovers of cultural heritage monuments;
  • Janževski vrh OKP 5-2: Janževski vrh is a settlement of mountains farms above the Drava valleys and its right tributary Velka.
  • Severe Angle OKP 5-1: Severe Angle is an explained settlement of mountain farms on the northern slope of Pohorje, named after the once frequent and wild storms.