Challenges of Mariborsko Pohorje

The eastern part of Pohorje belongs to Mariborski Pohorje, which is also a famous ski resort. In this area of ​​Pohorje, you will come across the Šumik waterfall. Šumik is the largest waterfall in Slovenia, which overflows on non-carbonite soils.

In Maribor Pohorje, you have many opportunities for outdoor activities. Hiking and mountain biking trails offer different options for short or long trips. They lead to many natural attractions, streams, waterfalls, lakes, etc.

If you are a fan of mountain biking, visit the Pohorje Bike Park, where they have different lengths and demanding routes that allow daring descents with mountain bikes. If you are a fan of adrenaline activities, try the Monster roller. You can descend the Pohorje slopes with robust mountain scooters.

Hiking trails:

  • Across Pohorje to Carinthia: This trail is part of the oldest Slovenian mountain trail, which takes 500 kilometres from Maribor to the Slovenian coast, to Ankaran. The Pohorje part of the route will take you from Maribor to Koroška (Slovenj Gradec). The transversal is 60 km long. You will walk 2190m of altitude differences. The estimated travel time is 2-3 days.

Cycling routes:

  • Cycling route of Pohorje: This 75 km long cycling route takes you from Pohorje to Sv. Bolfenka on Mariborsko Pohorje, to the foot of Kremžarjev vrh on the Carinthian side of Pohorje. It is considered a more demanding cycling route.
  • Pohorje (Belvi – Areh – Šumik): A varied 41 km long mountain bike trail takes you through the eastern part of Pohorje. The route is demanding, so it is suitable for well-prepared cyclists. You will start the journey with a gondola ride to the top of Mariborsko Pohorje. You will ride over the hills and slopes of Maribor Pohorje. On the 41 km long trail, you will climb only 500 m and a descent of 1300 meters.
  • Kordek – BPP cycling trail: This trail is suitable for experienced mountain bikers. The mountain biking trail is around 16 km long. On the way, you will make 720 metres of altitude differences. The trail runs along the slopes of Maribor Pohorje. The part of the trail is also along the Bike Park Pohorje.

When you go to the mountains, go well prepared, with appropriate personal equipment, and accompanied by experienced mountaineers.