Hidden treasures of the Pohorje Mountains

Pohorje is a mountain range in the northeast of Slovenia and covers about 1000 km2. It is a natural oasis located at an altitude of 1543 meters. On Pohorje, there are extensive forests, Šumik primaeval forest, clearings and pastures, wild streams, waterfalls and peat bogs with lakes. Pohorje stretches between Dravograd in the west, Maribor in the east and Slovenske Konjice in the south. It is overgrown with spruce forest. Pohorje is where 100-year-old spruces grow. There is fresh air, clean drinking water, unspoiled nature and beautiful views of the near landscape.

Are you looking for an idea of ​​where to spend an active vacation in the embrace of nature? Mount Pohorje offers hiking and biking trails. Along the way, you will get to know one of the many natural sights.
There are many ski centres in Pohorje. The landscape of Pohorje is a popular destination for hikers and mountain bikers. On Pohorje, you will find a cycling centre for downhill trails for enduro cycling. Wondering what the difference is between these two types of cycling? Read the story: What is the difference between Enduro and Downhill cycling?

Active in the Pohorje?

Pohorje stretches from Carinthia to Styria. It is divided into three parts, namely Mariborsko Pohorje in the east, Zreško Pohorje and Rogla in the center, and Ribniško Pohorje and Kope in the west.

Natural sights of Pohorje:
Lovrenška jezera, Ribniško jezero na Pohorju, Črno jezero na Pohorju, pragozd Šumik (9 hectares of land), Slap Šumik, Bistriški Vintgar, rapids Bistriški šum, …

When you go to the mountains, go well prepared, with appropriate personal equipment, and accompanied by experienced mountaineers.