Ascent to Mount Triglav, the higest mountain in Slovenia

Triglav is the highest mountain in the Julian Alps and a symbol of the state of Slovenia. With its 2864 m altitude, it is a challenge for mountain lovers. If you haven’t been to the top of Triglav yet, then you don’t know the pride of Slovenia. There are several paths to Triglav. All of them are very demanding and require some climbing skills from the mountaineer. At the top is the famous Aljaž Tower. The view from the top of Triglav reaches beyond the borders. Everything from the Pannonian lowlands, inland, to the Adriatic Sea.

Every hiking and mountaineering enthusiast who visits Slovenia must climb to our highest peak.

About Triglav

Triglav is the highest mountain peak in Slovenia. It rises above the central Julians. With a 2864 m, Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia. At the same time, it is the highest mountain in the Julian Alps.

At the top is the Aljaž Tower. The tower was erected in 1895 by Jakob Aljaž, the parish priest in Dovje. Five people can find shelter in the Aljaž Tower. The Aljaž Tower is protected as a cultural monument and is very important in preserving cultural heritage.

The first ascent to Triglav was in the 18th century. Triglav made its first visit on August 26, 1778. Four men of heart climbed to the top. These were Luka Korošec, Matevž Kos, Štefan Rožič and Lovrenc Willomitzer.

Mt Triglav stirred the imagination of researchers, mountaineers and alpinists. Thousands of mountaineering enthusiasts climb to the top of this beautiful mountain every year.

The Triglav National Park (TNP) is the only Slovenian national park. The park has a name after Triglav, after the highest mountain in the heart of the Julian Alps.

Triglav north wall

The Triglav North Wall is almost 4 km wide and 1 km high, dominating the Vrata Valley. It is considered one of the highest mountain walls in Europe.

The Northern Wall of Triglav has many rocky pillars (Slovenian, German, Central). Towards the west, the mountain wall becomes steeper and steeper. In some parts, even overhang. The most demanding climbing trail is a 200 m high mountain wall, the Sphinx.

This Triglav wall stirs the imagination of alpinists. On this mountain wall, you can find routes of varying difficulty. One of the most infamous and technically demanding is the Sphinx. The easiest way to access the wall is from the Vrata valley.

Paths that led to Triglav

The most demanding is the northern Triglav wall, which excites the imagination of alpinists. On this trail, there you can find climbing directions of different difficulties. 

One of the hardest is Sphinx. The easiest is from the Vrata valley.

Other routes to Triglav from different starting points (Mojstrana, Pokljuka, Bohinj) are mostly technically simple, but all of them are very long. 

Just below the summit, the path becomes increasingly challenging and dangerous. The mountain trail has protected by wedges and steel cables.

You will need some climbing experience.

Below the Triglav you will find 4 mountain huts: Triglavski dom na Krederici (open every day of the year), Dom Valentina Staniča, Dom Planika and Koča na Doliču.

Organized Ascent to Mount Triglav

From Dolina Vrata via Plemenice (1 or 2 days)

Circular route to Triglav:
This adventure requires good physical condition. You will start from Dolina Vrata, across Luknja, via Plemenice and across Škrbina to the top of Triglav. Descent from the mountain is via Mali Triglav to Kredarica and across Podi back to the Vrata Valley. Suitable for better-prepared hikers who want to make the famous ascent and enjoy the kingdom of Triglav.

From the Bohinj Valley (3 days)

In the Bohinj mountains:
The ascent is considered the most comfortable and picturesque. The first day of the trip will be very picturesque. You will walk through the

  • Bohinj mountains, 
  • deep forests and 
  • the valley of the Triglav Lakes.

A highlight of the hike is the climb to the top, scheduled for the early morning of the second day. Return to the Bohinj side via the southern face of the očak. Along the way, it is possible to taste and buy alpine delicacies.

From the Trent Valley (2 days)

Following in the footsteps of Trenta mountain guides: This ascent is considered a historical and landscape experience. It promises to be a perfect experience. You will admire the steep western Julian Alps and the remote Trenta valley.

From the Valley of Stern (2 days)

The classic ascent to Triglav: although the shortest, even this feat requires good fitness and a strenuous step, which helps you guide a guide with an IFMGA license. Suitable for hikers who want to make a famous ascent during a (short) holiday and enjoy the kingdom of Triglav.

Organized guided tours for all tours are every week from mid of June to late September, subject to suitable weather conditions. 

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